Let’s Work Together

Leeds Fans Utd: Don’t Fear Fans, Let’s Work Together.

In early April we at Leeds Fans Utd launched what we hope will be the biggest fan fundraise ever seen in the UK. We want to raise £10 million to purchase a stake in Leeds United and get supporters on the board who will have a say in the future of our football club.

Here Dylan Thwaites talks about his vision for how Leeds Fans Utd can work with the owners of Leeds United Football Club (LUFC) for mutual benefit.

All Leeds United supporters will be able to invest between £100 and £10,000 into a Community Benefit Society (CBS) that will used to purchase a share in Leeds United.

Leeds Fans CBS was the first of three fundraising initiatives that will allow us to reach the £10m target – there is also a specific organisation aimed at fans wanting to invest larger amounts and this will be followed by a Foundation that will allow companies and philanthropists to invest in future generations of Leeds supporters.